Housing Services

For people on low to moderate incomes, YCH provides:


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Transitional Housing


Transitional housing operates on short to medium-term tenancies, usually for a minimum period of 3 months and a maximum of 12 months for adults, and up to 18 months for youth.

The aim of transitional housing is to provide safe and affordable accommodation combined with support from nominating agencies to assist people to begin to address any issues that may have contributed to their situation; and work towards re-establishing secure housing as soon as possible.

YCH manages approximately 320 properties for crisis and transitional accommodation, and over 800 tenancies each year. A mix of units and houses are provided for young people, single people, couples and families.



Transitional housing is for people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. ‘Homeless’ can include;

  • staying in crisis, refuge or emergency accommodation,
  • staying with friends and family temporarily,
  • escaping domestic violence,
  • leaving institutions, or other situations where current housing is inappropriate or unsafe.

In order to be eligible for Transitional Housing, you must be at least 16 years of age and on a low income. Income limits are set by the Department of Human Services and can be viewed on their website here.


How To Apply

Transitional housing properties managed by YCH are accessed through nominating agencies that provide support for the clients while they are transitional housing tenants.

There is a wide range of support agencies, primarily located within the Western Metropolitan Region, with nomination rights to YCH properties. Agencies enter into a signed protocol agreement with YCH, which specifies the roles and responsibilities of each in managing tenancies and supporting tenants. The aim of this system is to ensure accessibility to transitional housing and support for those in most need.

Some of the properties YCH manages are part of targeted programs that provide crisis or transitional housing in association with support agencies for specific client groups. These programs include Adult Drug and Alcohol Program, Juvenile Justice, Long Term Youth Housing, Youth Substance Abuse Services and Mental Health. There are also a limited number of crisis properties.

If you have any questions regarding accessing transitional housing, eligibility, or nominating agencies and support, please call 1800 825 955.